Proximity Card Reader RFID Kit K8019

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New for August 2014


 New - Now Available 


RF ID access control kit with relay output. The kit can store upto 250 ID tags all configured via built in USB interface. Single relay output with timer option, pulse or toggle action. Feature 3 LED status indicators.
store up to 250 tags
  • with USB interface for config-management
  • free tag management application for PC
  • fully documented protocol, write your own application
  • tags can also be entered using a 'mastercard'
  • toggle or pulse NO/NC relay output
  • adjustable pulse time: 1s to 4 min. approx.
  • 3 status leds and buzzer
  • two tags supplied (card-type)
  • works standalone
  • EM4100 compatible: HAA2866/TAG, HAA2866/TAG2
  • relay contact: 3A/24VDC

       Constructional Kit: Professional

     Data Sheet


  • Dimensions: 69 x 80 x 47mm
    Power Supply: 12Vdc 100mA or 5Vdc via USB for programming only