2-Channel RF Code Lock Reciever Kit K6727

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Enclosure: WCAH2851

Transformer: 300-755  0-9,0-9V

This two channel RF code lock receiver forms the ideal remote control of all kinds of applications, where 2 different devices can be controlled on a distance. A choice can be made from over 8000 codes. It is also possible to use several receivers with one transmitter or vice-versa. Originally designed to work with the old K6706B or K6706G transmitters however will also work with K8059 / VM130T with limited compatibility.
  • two channels
  • easy to assemble: no coils to be made
  • LED on/off and receive indication for each channel
  • two relay outputs: 10A toggle or momentary contact

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  • Dimensions:
    Power Supply: 2 x 9Vac or 12-16Vdc / 120mA