Velleman 2-Channel RF Remote Control Transmitter & Torch Module VM130TN

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No Longer available

Replaced by: VM130V2SET

This 2-Channel RF Remote Control is compatible with K8057, VM130, VM130N and VM151.
This is module is a redesigned version of the VM130T and features a white LED torch function.
  • generates unique 32-bit code
  • more than 1,000,000,000 unique codes
  • code can easily be changed for safety purposes
  • LED - transmit indicator
  • R&TTE compliant (ETS 300-220) (approved only for EU countries)
  • LED flashlight function
  • power supply: 12 V battery (included)
  • operation: 433 MHz
  • dimensions: 63 x 35 x 13 mm
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