EAN: 5,410,329,621,681.00

Velbus single channel TRIAC dimmer for resistive and inductive loads

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No Longer Available

1-channel 400W dimmer, suited for incandescent lamps and certain LED lamps. (For best results with mains LED lamps, we advise the VMB4DC with a universal 0-10V dimmer.)
leading edge dimmer • suited for: incandescent bulbs, halogen lamps on AC," low-voltage halogen lamps in combination with dimmable wire-wound iron core • soft turn on / off extends bulb life • thermal protection • switches off with too inductive loads (feature can be disabled for use with dimmable LED lamps) • 250 possible addresses • operating modes: •• dimming •• slow on / off •• timer •• multi level dimmer •• moods • turn off time: from 1 s to 3 days • dimming speed: from 2 s to 23 h • dimming from 0 until 100 % in 4 s • minimum level can be preset • built-in not resettable fuse