4 Channel RF Receiver VMB4RF

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New for January 2013

No Longer Available

This receiver module in combination with a transmitter (VMB4TX) makes it possible to remotely control devices connected to the Velbus. Thanks to the unique code of the transmitter (more than possible) the remote control can also be used to control garage ports, electrical fences, door locks, etc...
  • RF remote control (433MHz) for use in a Velbus installation
  • 4 channels (with LED indicator) for operating Velbus output modules like: relays, dimmers, window shutters, etc. ...
  • optional transmitters :
    • VMB4TX: 4 Channel transmitter for VELBUS system
  • learns up to 10 different transmitters
  • 32-bit code technology (over 1,000,000,000 codes)
    • transmitter-receiver range: 20m (no obstacles)
  • built-in antenna
  • configurable via Velbus PC interface (VMB1USB, VMB1RS or VMBRSUSB) and the Velbuslink program
    • set reaction time : direct, 1, 2 or 3 seconds
    • learn up to 10 transmitters
    • day, week, month or year programs
    • sunset or sunrise related programs
  • settings are retained when power outage occurs
  • LED indications:
    • feedback for 4 channels
    • presence of operating voltage
    • sending and receiving data


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  • Dimensions: 22 x 46 x 43mm
    Power Supply: 12-18Vdc / 35mA