User-Definable 8-Channel Touch Panel Kit

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Ever wanted your own keyboard with your personal layout and symbols ? Here is the solution : Now simply print YOUR keyboard layout on a transparent foil and make your own keyboard ! The function of each key can be selected (momentary or toggle) and each key is backlit. It is even possible to simulate classic "radio keys" (only one output can be ON, just like a rotary switch). One key can be defined as a preset memory or serve as an "all clear" key. Completing the features of this unique keyboard is a "click" sound when the keys are operated. The output can easily be connected to your own applications or to several of our kits. The K8045 LCD message board, the K6714 relay card, the K8006 light system bus unit, the K8000 computer interface, the K2633 or the K2634 power cards, the K8023 two wire remote
  • max. 8 self-definable keys
  • LED status indication for each key/output
  • each key can be set up as a toggle key or momentary key
  • soft-touch see-through panel with 8 keys
  • key layout examples are included
  • backlight with dimming function
  • unique key-click feedback
  • optional IR receiver module: IR38DM
  • optional blue backlight: LED3BL (8 pcs required)
  • "design" mounting frame (bezel) is included
  • easy board-to-wire connectors
  • 4 different functions (jumper selectable):
    • 8 independent keys (toggle or momentary selectable)
    • 8 radio keys (simulation of rotary switch)
    • 4 radio keys and 4 independent keys
    • 1 key is reserved as a memory key or an "all clear"-key
  • 8 open-collector switches: max. 50V / 100mA
  • board to wire connectors: 20cm wire
  • dimensions (frame included): 165 x 90 x 35mm (6.5" x 3.5" x 1.4") (depth)
  • keyboard operating force: 40g (with R0.8mm test point)
  • keyboard life: 1000000 operations with R3mm rubber


    Keyboard  Manual
     Layout Templates Click to open

  • Dimensions: 165 x 90 x 35mm
    Power Supply: 9Vac or 12Vdc / 250mA