Stepper Motor Card Kit K8005

    1-5 Days
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Enclosure: G386
For bi- and uni-polar motors (maximum 1A). High precision possible (up to 0.9°, or even more when using a motor with reduction). You can always give an emergency stop signal. Test program included. Can be used in every application where positioning is needed (for example a plotter, printer). High precision motor included (12V). Alternative stepper motors are also available. Additional software to upgrade and improve this product is available from our download section on this website.
  • I²C controlled via K8000
  • communication address of the card (from 0 to 15) selectable via DIP-switches on the PCB (remark : connect up to 4 x K8005 cards with one K8000 card)
  • adjustable drive speed
  • programmable in Turbo Pascal for DOS, Quick Basic and Visual Basic (Win95/98/ME)
  • emergency stop can be sent to one or all cards
  • power supply: 7 to 25VDC or AC / 1.5A (maximum current depends of the motor type)
  • dimensions: 100 x 90mm / 3.9 x 3.5"

    Software Manual
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  • Dimensions: 100 x 90mm (PCB)
    Power Supply: 7-25V dc or ac / 1.5A