Whadda Proximity Card reader Minikit WSHA179

    1-5 Days
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Replacement for Velleman MK179

A simple kit which has many applications, security systems in homes and offices or entry and exit door control. Using RFID technology a relay can be activated when card or fob is in close proximity to the detection coil. The coil can be mounted up to 5m away from main PCB. Supplied with two cards, other cards and key fob style actuator is also available.
  •  store up to 25 tags
  • excellent security: 64-bit coded
  • Unlimited # of tags in low-security mode
  • two tags supplied (card-type)
  • Easy addition and removal of tags
  • Output activation: 0.5s to 4min or toggle (ON/OFF)
  • Coil can be mounted away from the board (up to 5m) for higher security
  • EM4100 compatible
  • relay output: max. 3A/24V
  • applications:
    • open doors, fences, gates, etc...
    • arm/disarm security systems in homes / offices / vehicles etc...
    • Prevent unauthorised use of equipment, machinery, computer systems etc...
    • automate cat doors...

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      Constructional Kit: Normal

  • Dimensions: 66 x 62 x 20mm
    Power Supply: 12Vdc / 100mA