Whadda Proximity Card Reader Module WMHA179

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Replacement for Velleman VM179

The Whadda WMHA179 is a simple module which has many applications, security systems in homes and offices or entry and exit door control. Using RFID technology a relay can be activated when card or fob is in close proximity to the detection coil. Supplied with two cards, other cards and key fob style actuator is also available.
  • store up to 25 tags
  • excellent security: 64-bit coded
  • Unlimited # of tags in low-security mode
  • two tags supplied (card-type)
  • Easy addition and removal of tags
  • Output activation: 0.5s to 4min or toggle (ON/OFF)
  • detection board can be mounted away from the main board (up to 5m) for higher security
  • applications:
    • open doors, fences, gates, etc...
    • arm/disarm security systems in homes / offices / vehicles etc...
    • Prevent unauthorised use of equipment, machinery, computer systems etc...
    • automate cat doors...
  • EM4100 compatible
  • relay output: max. 3A/24V

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  • Dimensions: 66 x 62 x 20mm
    Power Supply: 12Vdc 100mA