Internet of Things. Allow remote access to your Velbus Home Automation system.

5-10 Days
Weight: kg

Velbus Signum IoT Gateway

The Velbus Signum is an IoT Gateway for the Velbus home automation system. Its main functions are: • to control your Velbus installation using an iOS app, Android app or browser on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet...) • periodically sync the time on your Velbus installation with an NTP server • time and date backup (48 hours) in case of power failure • connect VelbusLink (Velbus configuration software) directly (with a USB cable plugged into the Velbus Signum, or an IP (LAN) connection) • secure access to your Velbus Signum and home automation system from anywhere in the world In the near future, the following functions will also be available: • IoT gateway to allow integration/communication with other protocols • advanced visual configuration of your Velbus installation (and connected systems) • manually or periodically back-up your local Velbus project/settings on the Velbus Signum The Velbus Signum is a DIN-rail module that is powered by and connected directly to the Velbus bus.