Velleman ATMega 3D Printer Mainboard Module VM8400MB

    5-7 Days
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Open source ATMega-based board for 3D printers, soft material CNC routers, engravers, etc.
Universal, high quality and easy to use. Use the mainboard with the DRV8825 stepper driver board VM8400DB (not included). Features: Outputs to drive 5 Stepper motors, 2 Heaters, Heated Bed & 2 Fans. Inputs for Stepper motor end stops & heater sensors.  Includes I/O Interface for LCD, SD Card etc. 
Suitable a spare for the Velleman Vertex K8400 3D printer kit.
    • outputs:
      • X, Y, Z, E1 and E2 stepper motors
      • E1 and E2 heater
      • heated bed
      • 2 x unregulated DC output
      • 2 x fan
    • inputs:
      • X, Y and Z end stops
      • E1, E2 and heated bed sensor
      • power supply screw connector
      • power supply 2.1/5.5 mm DC jack
      • reset button
    • I/O for:
      • LCD display
      • rotary encoder with pushbutton
      • SD-card holder
      • custom external circuitry
      • in-circuit programming
    • also provided:
      • status LEDs
      • on-board RESET button
      • male board-to-wire connectors
      • space for optional IDC male header connectors

K8400 Spare replacement part.
This part would be found in Subkit 17 Electronics, Identified as part B, one piece required in total.


 Data Sheet

Dimensions: 20 x 15mm
Power Supply: