240Vac PIR Motion Detector, Ceiling Mount PIR1200C

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The PIR1200R is a very sensitive and energy-saving motion detector. The detector is simple to install on any ceiling and offers a wide detection range. The PIR1200C can distinguish between night / dayand features an LED indicator to show on/off detection.

Can distinguish between day (day = sun) and night (night = moon): ambient light can be adjusted for the 2 positions
Adjustable activation duration
Detection Distance: 6m max.
Detection Range: 120° Side View, 360° Top View
Light control: < 10 Lux
Activation duration: min. 5 sec. ± 3 sec. to max. 6 min. ± 2 min.
Rated load: 1200W (230Vac)
Installation height: 2 to 4m
Power consumption: 0.5W (0.1W standby)
Motion speed detection range: 0.6m/s to 1.5m/s
Working temperature: -20°C to +40°C
Working humidity: < 93% RH
IP Rating: 44
Switch Type: Relay output, normally open (N.O.)

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115Ø x 60mm

Power Supply:

240Vac 0.5W