Assorted E12 0.25W Resistors 810 Pieces

    3-5 Days
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Covering the range from 1 Ohm to 4M7, 10 of each standard 5% 0.25W carbon film resistor, each value is supplied on a short bandolier.

Pack Contents
10 x each value:
1R0, 1R2, 1R5, 1R8, 2R2, 2R7, 3R3, 3R9, 4R7, 5R6, 6R8 8R2
10R, 12R, 15R, 18R, 22R, 27R, 33R, 39R, 47R, 56R, 68R 82R
100R, 120R, 150R, 180R, 220R, 270R, 330R, 390R, 470R, 560R, 680R 820R
1k0, 1k2, 1k5, 1k8, 2k2, 2k7, 3k3, 3k9, 4k7, 5k6, 6k8 8k2
10k, 12k, 15k, 18k, 22k, 27k, 33k, 39k, 47k, 56k, 68k 82k
100k, 120k, 150k, 180k, 220k, 270k, 330k, 390k, 470k, 560k, 680k 820k
1M0, 1M2, 1M5, 1M8, 2M2, 2M7, 3M3, 3M9, 4M7

Contents: Carbon Film Resistors
Pack Size: 810 Pieces, 81 Values from 1R0-4M7
Specs: 0.25W, 5% Tollerance, 250V max