3mm Clear Bright LEDs (Pack of 30) K/LED30

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A small packet of Blue (K/LED30B) or White (K/LED30W) 3mm light emitting diodes (LED's). Suitable for use with Velleman Animated Cube Kit MK193, also suitable for use with K8018B/W
  • emitting colour: Blue / White
  • case colour: waterclear
  • luminous intensity (If = 10mA): 2200mcd (Blue) / 6300mcd (White)
  • viewing angle: 25°
  • forward voltage: 3.2V (Blue) /
  • applicable current: 20mA (Blue) /
  • wavelength: 475nm (Blue) /
  • Contents: 3mm LEDs, Blue or White
    Pack Size: 30 Pieces
    Specs: Luminous Intensity: 2200mcd (Blue), 6300mcd (White)