Whadda 30-90Sec Single Message Record/Playback Minikit WSAH195

    1-5 Days
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New for September 2013

Replacement for Velleman MK195

Similar to MK174 but with a longer recording time. High-quality, natural voice/audio reproduction. Can be used to greet visitors, play pranks, warn burglars. Microphone and 57mm loudspeaker included. Record time between 30 and 90 seconds per module. External trigger inputs to play & record messages.
  • recording time between 30 and 90 s (adjust the sample rate)
  • on-board microphone
  • speaker Ø 57 mm included
  • using the speed adjustment, a "funny voice" can be created
  • external open-collector trigger inputs for recording, playback, delete, next, and volume
  • power consumption:
    • max. 150mA during playback
    • max. 6mA during standby!
  • adjustable sampling rate: 5…12 kHz
  • speaker output: 500 mW max., 8 ohm
  • nominal recording time: 60 seconds
  •    Constructional Kit: Normal





  • Dimensions: 70 x 60 x 15mm
    Power Supply: 9-12Vdc or 9Vdc Battery