Video Pattern Generator K8025

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New for November 2012

No Longer Available

Pocket video generator and fixed audio sine wave. Black and white + gray scale video patterns. Check the picture quality of your monitor or TV. Suitable for use for picture adjustment or troubleshooting.

  • PAL or NTSC
  • interlaced or progressive (non-interlaced)
  • 12 different patterns included: purity patterns (black, white, gray), grayscale (staircase), square grids, 100% contrast half screens
  • 4/3 and 16/9 patterns
  • consumption: 12mA (grid signal@75ohm)
  • audio output: 1kHz sine wave / 0.7Vrms (10k load)
  • video output: 0.8Vpp @ 75 ohm load (staircase signal)
  • auto power off: 10 minutes


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  • Dimensions:
    Power Supply: 3V Battery (CR2032)