Velbus 4-channel 0/1-10V universal dimmer controller

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4-channel 0(1)-10V control. Can be used to control fixtures or dimmers (eg. VMB2LEDDC dimmer for LED strips, and Finder®, Niko® 330-00701 or other 0-10V controlled universal dimmer for mains lamps).
different operation modes: moment control, on/off control, timers, slow on/slow off, dimming, moods... • Free programmable timer functions (using Velbus Link software and USB/RS232 interface: VMB1USB, VMB1RS or VMBRSUSB) • 0 to 10V output or 1 to 10V output possibility • 4 independent adjustable channels • 250 possible id addresses • on board buttons for testing purposes • velbus® connection • firmware upgradeable through the Velbus system