Velbus 0-10VDC Dimmer Module

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The Velbus 1-channel 500W dimmer suitable for halogen lamps and lamps connected using a conventional transformer (block, toroid). Create an atmosphere which suits you best or let your lights dim slowly to avoid unexpected surprises. It is also possible to simulate a sunrise which makes waking up a lot more pleasant! Additional software to up grade and improve this product is available from the Velleman support section on the website.


  • brightness control using DC voltage
  • galvanic isolated input
  • suitable for incandescent lamps, mains voltage halogen lighting and low voltage halogen lighting in combination with a conventional trans-former.
  • LED status indicators
  • can be used with our 4 channel 0(1) to 10V Velbus┬« output controller VMB4DC


  • adjustment voltage of 0 to 10Vdc or 1 to 10Vdc (max 2mA)
  • suppression of radio & TV interference according to EN55015
  • power supply: 115 or 230VAC- 50/60Hz
  • max. load: 500W@ 230V or 250W@115V
  • max. phase shift with inductive load: 30┬░
  • standard DIN-rail housing: 4 modules
  • dimensions: 90 x 71 x 58mm / 3.5 x 2.8 x 2.3" 
  • weight: 220g


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