RGB Controller Kit K8088

    1-5 Days
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Available Pre-assembled VM146

  Constructional Kit: Professional

This Kit has been designed to control LED's for display advertising and light effects, also suitable for incandescent lamps. The three outputs drive high power Mosfet's which can each sink about 3A. Many sequences can be selected with varying speeds and fade times.
  • suited for both incandescent bulbs and LEDs
  • up-down level adjust for each output
  • hard transition effects: running light, Strobo, Colour loops, etc...
  • smooth fade effects: colour change, flame effect, random colours, slow off etc...
  • wide-range effect speed adjust
  • Hi power MOSFET outputs
  • memory for last selected effect & speed
  • easy up/down effect select
  • suited for common anode RGB strips
  • 256 intensity levels/ch.
  • voltage output: same as input voltage
  • current limit possible (on-board resistor needed)
  • LED PWM freq: 82Hz

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  • Dimensions: 80 x 70 x 23mm
    Power Supply: 10-15Vdc / 9A or 24Vdc / 3A