Telephone Ring Detector with Relay Output Kit K8086

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Available pre-assembled: VM144

No longer available

Simply connect in parallel with phone line, powerful led flashes when phone rings. Tthe unit will feature a relay output if connected to a 12VDC power supply, relay output: continuous or on/off to the rhythm of ringing of the telephone. Complete with enclosure. Great for noisy environments, for the hearing impaired, as addional ringer, to replace existing ringer. Accepts standard adaptor & telephone plug, includes: attractive enclosure, adhesive strips for easy fixing.

  • 10.000 mcd led !
  • connects to PSTN line
  • RJ11 connector
  • output Contact (NO): 1A max.

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  • Dimensions: 80 x 55 x 35mm
    Power Supply: 12Vdc / 100mA