PIC Programmer Board Kit K8076

    1-5 Days
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Available pre-assembled: VM134

  Constructional Kit: Professional

This board can program a wide range of Microchip® PIC™ microcontrollers as well as our mini PIC microcontroller VM142 module. For a full list of supported devices, see the FREE programming software. Note, will not work through a USB to Serial converter.
  • onboard configurable 40 pin. ZIF socket
  • Microcontroller selection using patch jumper
  • SUBD connector set included
  • minimum system requirements:
    • IBM Compatible PC, Pentium or better
    • Windows™ NT/2000/XP
    • free serial RS232 port required


    Software Manual
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  • Dimensions: 132 x 65 x 20mm
    Power Supply: 15Vdc min / 300mA