Video Signal Cleaner Kit K8036

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Enclosure: VPB108

Available pre-assembled: VM106

  Constructional Kit: Average
No Longer Available

Digitally cleans the video signal / removes unwanted distortion in video signal, stabilises picture quality and luminance fluctuations, improves picture quality on LCD monitors or projectors. S-video and composite video in- and output (it is impossible to use S-video and composite video signals simultaneously). LED indication when distorted video signal detected. For PAL / NTSC video.
Warning: only use the K8036 to back up original video material of which you are the rightful owner (DVD, VHS, VCD, ...) check copyright information of the original material.

  • Suitable enclosure: VPB108
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Dimensions: 100 x 84mm (PCB)
Power Supply: 9Vdc / 100mA