Lead Acid Battery Charger/Conditioner Kit

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This lead-acid battery charger/conditioner is suitable for charging and maintaining both open and sealed type 6 or 12V lead-acid batteries. Charging current : 0.3 or 1A. The battery can be hooked-up to the unit for an indefinite time, and will be kept in optimal condition. Battery type and charging current are selectable, while the charging process is fully automatic.
  • Suitable for 6 and 12V open and sealed type lead-acid batteries
  • Status indicators for charge, float and end-of-charge
  • Can continuously remain hooked-up to the battery
  • Inverse polarity protection provided
  • Charging current: 0.3 or 1A (selectable)
Dimensions: 97 x 140 x 40mm
Power Supply:

18Vac / 25VA