Universal Relay Card (16 Relay's) Kit K6714-16

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  Constructional Kit: Average

16 relays and screw connectors included ! Power supply transformer is included. Output 12V DC can be used as a power supply for other kits: K6714, K8023,... Every output of the print can be equipped with a noise suppressor network.
  • 16 relays included
  • the relays can be piloted directly of through open-collector outputs
  • contact: 1 x inverter: 10A / 28VDC or 125VAC, max. 5A at 230VAC
  • relay switch-over contact: max. 5A at 220V
  • output voltage: 12V / 250mA for power supply

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    Dimensions: 150 x 212mm (PCB)
    Power Supply: 115 or 220Vac / 12VA