Liquid level Controller Kit K2639

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Transformer: 300-520  0-12V

  Constructional Kit: Average

You forget to turn off the tap, the washing machine leaks, the water level in your aquarium drops, the water tank is empty or suddenly overflows, there's water in your cellar, etc. These things happen and when they do, they often cause a lot of trouble and do a lot of damage. Prevention is still better than cure and that's where this kit comes in. This multifunctional device is easy to use in a variety of applications : 1) LED control of set fluid level : LOW, MIDDLE, HIGH ; 2) Controller : the relay automatically switches a pump and/or valve to keep the fluid level between the LOW and HIGH marks ; 3) Alarm : if the sensor detects a level which is too high or too low (selectable), the relay will operate a bell or another alarm device.
  • relay output: 240V / 3A max

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  • Dimensions: 104 x 60mm (PCB) Controller
    104 x 25mm (PCB) Sensor
    Power Supply: 12-14Vac or 16-18Vdc / 100mA