Whadda Electronic Transistor Ignition Kit WSAA2543

    1-5 Days
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Enclosure: G304

Replacement for Velleman K2543

Gives your car the feel of an expensive luxury car. Better starting and smoother running, particularly at very high and very low RPM. Lower fuel consumption, less pollution, lower servicing costs. Drive economically, drive electronically. Only for petrol/gasoline engines. Only for cars with negative ground. Suitable for use on 12V and 6V ignition systems, the components for both versions are included in this kit.
  • completely shockproof
  • practically test on 2-4-6-8 cylinder engines during a total amount of 2.500.000 km
  • principle: transistorized ignition
  • connection element: Darlington transistor, triple diffused
  • the advantages are:
    • better ignition
    • less air pollution
    • lower fuel consumption
    • lower servicing costs
    • visible less wear of the breaking points, which means a constant calibrated state
  • for use with 12V & 6V (requires modification) systems
  • max. current: 4A
  • typical firing period: 2.000 ยต second
  • connection speed: up to 500kHz

      Constructional Kit: Normal





    For 6V Operation use the following components:
    R1 & R2,  150R 1W 5% Carbon Film Resistor      (912-115)
    R3,           68R  0.25W 5% Carbon Film Resistor (906-068)
    R5,R6, R7 68R  1W 5% Carbon Film Resistor      (912-068)

  • Dimensions: 70 x 35mm (PCB)
    Power Supply: 12Vdc