EAN: 5,410,329,628,048.00

Velbus 8-channel RF receiver

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wireless remote control of entry gates, garage doors, lighting, blinds, etc. • the receiver simulates 8 push button channels on the Velbus system • wide range of operation (up to 250 m in open area) • works together with 2-channel handheld transmitter VMBRFT2H and 4-channel handheld transmitters VMBRFT4H • the 2-channel transmitter can control channels 1 & 2, or 3 & 4, or 5 & 6, or 7 & 8 • the 4-channel transmitter can control channels 1 to 4, 3 to 6, or 5 to 8 • assigning transmitters can be done manually or via the free VELBUSLINKprogram • LED indication for receive status and learning mode • adjustable channel response time (0,1, 2 or 3 seconds) • detection of short or long button press • configurable multi-channel operation, the next channel is selected at each press (up to 8 channels) • configurable dual channel push button, a different channel is selected depending on the length of the push (short or long push) • extensive day, week and year programs plus a built-in astronomical clock (sunrise and sunset timing) are included to operate the receiver channels automatically • uses one address (configurable in VELBUSLINK) • configurable by using the Velbus PC interface (VMB1USB or VMBRSUSB) and the free VELBUSLINKprogram • precautions: •• electrically conductive materials (eg. metal) in the vicinity may interfere with the RF signal •• using multiple transmitters on the same receiver at exactly the same time (within 100ms of each other) may cause a channel to remain pressed until the next button press, or until a timeout of 2 minutes has expired (whichever comes first) • built-in (additional external antenna can optionally be connected)