EAN: 5,410,329,633,677.00

Velbus single phase energy meter for DIN rail mounting, 5 (80) A, connectable to VMB7IN

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This single-phase DIN rail kWh meter is part of a new generation of single-phase electronic watt-hour meters, adopting micro-electronic techniques, LSI circuits and advanced digital and SMT techniques. The meter is in conformity with the relevant technical requirements of Class 1, Class 2 and IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21. It accurately and directly measures 50/60 Hz active energy consumption from single-phase AC electricity grids. This module can be connected to the Velbus installation by using a VMB7IN, 7-channel input module.
LCD display (with blue backlight), the upper figure is resettable, the lower figure non-resettable • pulse output • LED indicator • to reset, keep your finger on the IR eye (marked 'reset') for 3 to 12 seconds