Velbus Velbus-DALI Gateway

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Meet the Velbus VMBDALI-20 module: a smart solution for streamlined lighting control of DALI light points. Invest in a practical lighting control solution that offers flexibility, convenience and cost savings.

Seamless Integration & User-Friendly Configuration
Are you looking to enhance the way you manage your lighting systems? The Velbus VMBDALI-20 module offers a practical approach by seamlessly integrating 64 DALI devices into your existing Velbus installation. The VMBDALI-20 is fully compatible with both DALI and DALI-2 standards, giving you a wide choice of lighting options.

One remarkable feature of this module is its user-friendliness. You don't need any prior experience with DALI to start enjoying the benefits of this advanced technology. With the Velbuslink programming software, setting up and configuring your DALI devices is a breeze. It's a simple, intuitive process that puts you in complete control.

Tailored Device Management
The VMBDALI-20 module provides the flexibility to customize and manage each individual DALI device according to your specific needs. Adjusting minimal and maximal light levels, setting up power-on levels, controlling fade times and rates, organizing light groups and members and configuring scene settings are only a few of the possibilities. And whether you're starting from scratch or adding unaddressed devices, Velbuslink makes addressing DALI devices a breeze.

What's particularly impressive is that you can do this without the need for additional DALI software or interfaces. Velbus simplifies the process, giving you the freedom to manage your lighting system your way.

Space and Cost Efficiency
We know how valuable your space in the electrical cabinet is. That's why the VMBDALI-20 is equipped with a built-in power supply, eliminating the requirement for a separate DALI power supply on the bus. This not only saves you money but also conserves valuable space.

  • DALI power supply integrated (disabled by default) with thermal & short circuit protection
  • Controls DALI devices through Velbus actions
    • 64 devices
    • 16 DALI groups
    • 16 DALI scenes
    • Broadcast to all devices
  • Configuration of DALI device settings in VELBUSLINK: Configuration software for Velbus (free download) configuration software
    • Min. level
    • Max. level
    • Power on level
    • System fail level
    • Fade time
    • Fade rate
    • Group membership
    • Scene settings
  • Adressing of DALI devices in VELBUSLINK: Configuration software for Velbus (free download) configuration software
    • Completely new installation (all devices)
    • Existing installation (unaddressed devices only)
  • LED indications
    • Velbus Power supply (PS)
    • Velbus Receive (Rx)
    • Velbus Transmit (Tx)
    • DALI Power supply enabled (LED1)
    • DALI Receive (LED2)
    • DALI Transmit (LED3)
    • DALI and Velbus status and error indication (STATUS)
  • DALI bus length
    • up to 100 m for wires of 0.5 mm²
    • up to 150 m for wires of 0.75 mm²
    • up to 300 m for wires of 1.5 mm²
  • Firmware upgradable in VELBUSLINK: Configuration software for Velbus (free download) configuration software
  • Compatible with DALI and DALI-2
  • Manual push button on board for identifying the module in Velbus


  • Physical properties:
    • Width DIN modules: 4
    • Number of channels: 1
  • IT Connections:
    • Velbus bus (Molex)
    • DALI bus (WAGO)
  • Electrical data:
    • Max. current consumption (internal DALI power supply enabled): 300 mA
    • Max. current consumption (internal DALI power supply disabled): 50 mA
    • Max. output current: 250 mA
  • Power supply:
    • Input voltage rating VDC: 12-18 V
    • DALI power supply output: 15 VDC
    • Short circuit protection of internal Dali power supply: yes
    • Thermal protection of internal Dali power supply: 60°C
  • Product basic info:
    • Depth unit: 58 mm
    • Height unit: 71 mm
    • Width unit: 90 mm
    • Colour unit: Black
  • Technical data:
    • DIN rail: Yes
    • Protocol: Velbus CANbus