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Velbus 4-channel push button interface

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Push button interface for connecting up to 4 push buttons (with optional feedback LEDs) to the Velbus home automation system.
connect up to 4 push buttons • connect up to 4 notification or backlight LEDs (optional) with operating voltage up to 24 V (AC or DC) • adjustable light intensity for the connected LEDs • suitable for common anode and common cathode LEDs • adjustable button response time (0,1, 2 or 3 seconds) • detection of short or long button press • configurable multi-channel operation on push button, the next channel is selected at each press (up to 8 channels) • configurable dual channel push button, a different channel is selected depending on the length of the push (short or long push) • extensive day, week and year programs plus a built-in astronomical clock (sunrise and sunset timing) are included to operate push buttons automatically • configurable using a Velbus configuration module and the free VelbusLink program