11 Piece MOSFET Set

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Velleman VCS103 MOSFET Pack

Switch and amplify your electronic signals in high power applications with this set! It includes the IRFZ44N, IRF540N, IRFP460, FQP47P06, IRL540, IRLZ44, NTP60N06L, FQP27P06, a fast speed insulated gate bipolar transistor IGBT 17A and an octal bus transceiver with 3-State output. Supplied in a compartment storage box with hinged lid. (140 x 70 x 30mm)
IRFZ44N N-Channel 1 Piece
RF540N N-Channel 1 Piece
IRFP460 N-Channel 1 Piece
FQP47P06 P-Channel 1 Piece
IRL540 Logic Level 1 Piece
IRLZ44 Logic Level 1 Piece
NTP60N06L Logic Level 1 Piece
FQP27P06 Logic Level 1 Piece
NDP6020P Logic Level 1 Piece
IGB 17A Bipolar 1 Piece
Octal Bus Transceiver 1 Piece