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Velleman Analogue Input Board Arduino™ Board KA12

  Constructional Kit: Advanced

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Add 24 Analogue inputs to your Arduino with the KA12 Velleman Shield. The Arduino UNO™ is equipped with 6 analogue inputs. Some projects call for more analogue inputs, e.g. sensor- or robot projects. This shield only uses 4 I/O lines (3 digital, 1 analogue) but adds a whopping 24 inputs, so in total you have 29 analogue inputs at your disposal.

54 x 66mm (PCB)

Power Supply:


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Velleman Electronic Watch Kit K1200


Isn't it about time you made your own electronic watch!?

Make a statement with this neat looking DIY, Arduino compatible watch that fits everyone's wrist. The most difficult SMD components are pre-soldered but the rest of the soldering fun is up to you.

The watch is Arduino based and pre-programmed with an addictive reflex game and of course with a basic time view. These functions are triggered by pressing the single multipurpose button and is displayed by using the 24 amber coloured LEDs. Then again, you can easily re-program it to your liking by using the custom cradle (K1201) or a USB to UART module.
Don't worry about the programming difficulty because you can base your own code on the open-source Arduino library. So feel free to experiment with different time views or invent your own game!

The watch comes with a stylish black fabric woven wrist band and closes by means of a silver coloured buckle. Also, the watch only has a diameter of 35 mm and a height of 9.6 mm so it's ideal for both large and small wrists!

If you do not become overly addicted to the reflex game, the battery should last around 2 years. But remember, time flies when you're having fun!

Supplied pre-programmed but requires K1201 for custom programming.

5-7 Days

Velleman Watch programming cradle K1201


This USB-to-serial converter was designed to reprogram the Arduino compatible K1200 Watch Kit. Whilst the watch kit K1200 does come pre-programmed, this interface allows you to reprogram your watch or built-in game.