Power Supplies

1-5 Days
Weight: kg

Whadda 1A Power Supply Kit WSPC1823

Replacement for Velleman K1823

This small power supply provides a regulated voltage, adjustable between 1.5 and 35 volts at 1 Amp. With the LM317 regulator remarkably better ripple and regulation characteristics are given than with conventional regulators. Current limiter and thermal overload protection are included in the IC. Supplied without heat sink.
Dimensions: 52 x 30mm (PCB)
Power Supply: 40Vdc Max
1-5 Days
Weight: kg

3-30V 3A Power Supply Kit K7203

  Constructional Kit: Average
This kit is meant as an auxiliary or as a permanent power supply for all common Velleman kits based on a stabilised DC voltage between 3 and 30V provided that the consumption does not exceed 3A. Of course this power supply unit can also be used for other purposes. By replacing the trimmer by a potentiometer, it may even be used as an adjustable power supply unit. Supplied with heat sink.
Dimensions: 130 x 91 x 50mm
Power Supply: 9-30Vac Depending upon required output
1-5 Days
Weight: kg

Whadda Symmetric 1A Power Supply Kit WSPC8042

Replaces Velleman K8042

Low cost universal symmetric power supply, just add a suitable transformer and a heatsink. ideal for e.g. op-amp applications, amplifiers etc. Trimmers can be replaced by potmeters to allow continuous adjustment of output voltage. LED output indicators, compact size.

Dimensions: 78 x 52 x 24mm
Power Supply: 2 x 24Vac Max